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Architects & Designers

Securabike’s success is very much related to the assistance that we are able to give architectural specifiers.  In addition to our marketing literature which we strive to make easy to use and access by providing accurate information such as dimensions and weights, we also offer DWG and REVIT files of our bicycle parking equipment for use within architectural projects. Alternatively, Securabike may make recommendations to the actual positioning of bicycle parking within a fixed space to maximize the number of bicycles in that area.  This can be akin to a jigsaw puzzle as there are typically a myriad of bike rack types to consider, how they are accessed and aisle widths.   

It is to this end that we would assist architectural specifiers in satisfying themselves that they are making proper provision for these requirements as some bicycle racks will actually require larger aisle widths due to the ease in which a bike can be taken to or from its parking position on the rack.  In summary, the vertical racks, while harder to use for cyclists, are the most efficient form of bicycling parking when considering space.  We typically recommend that some horizontal bike parking be included as not all cyclists are able to lift their bikes with absolute ease into position on a vertical rack.

For architects and specifiers to access the DWG or REVIT file for a particular bicycle parking product, please contact our offices for access to this website where you will be able to download the DWG files. 


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