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Securabike has long been a provider of bicycle parking.  What became apparent from our customers was that many hotels and corporations and council were looking for smaller location based bicycle-share programs.  Everyone is familiar with the larger city-based bicycle share programs such as in London and New York. There is also a burgeoning demand for bicycles at the micro level.  To this end Securabike has developed a new bicycle for sharing.

The intended size of the program is from approximately one to two bicycles up to 40 or 50.  The reason for this is that the capital outlay for such programs is significantly less than a large system and can be managed simply with keys which makes the cost of entry of such a program more achievable.  Bicycles in general are a low cost form of transport with a low carbon footprint and it should be encouraged for short journeys around organizations and central locations.

The shared Securabike bicycle was developed with safety and functionality in mind.  It’s an electric bike which can also be used without the battery so even without a charge the bicycle is still very functional for the shared program.  Many people will be surprised that the weight of the bicycle even with the motor and battery is less than many of the common-shared bicycles you see in cities.  The reason for it is we have selected narrower tires plus an aluminum frame.  The bicycle is still extremely durable and being light weight means that the bicycle is actually easier to use and park.

The electric bike has five settings for power assistance starting from one which provides a little bit of assistance right up to Level 5 which provides significant power to accelerate up hills without the need for pedaling.  Many cyclists in hilly areas will appreciate that it is very impractical to go to business meetings and arrive sweating due to the pedaling required to get up any hill.  With the Securabike bicycle you will arrive at the front door of your intended destination in record time and not a sweaty mess.  The battery has a simple recharger which would be plugged in at the home base of the bicycle. This mounts to Securabikes bike racks.  There is a key for each bicycle which makes managing and signing bicycles in and out extremely easy for the owners of such systems.  Also on the electric system is a front and rear light making safety at night an important feature which can encourage usage.

Other features of the bicycle include front and rear disc brakes.  Securabike were adamant that this safety feature be incorporated as many users of the bicycles will be occasional users and it is important to have a braking system which is very forgiving.  Disc brakes because they brake the center of the wheel are less likely to injure people by throwing them over the handlebars in an emergency braking situation.  This can happen with traditional rim based brake systems which are very functional but the disc brake system really is a more forgiving brake system.  There is a mud guard around the seven gear chain system making it extremely difficult to sully one’s pants prior to a business meeting.  Many cyclists will know the feeling of having oil on the side of their leg after accidentaly touching the chain system.  In additional to the chain protection, the wheel guards protect the cyclist from water spray from the road as well.  The piece de resistance for the corporate bicyclist is a bag rack on the rear of the bicycle which also acts as an advertising platform should our clients choose to advertise their corporation or bicycle share program. This functional bag rack is extremely sturdy allowing for a large bag or similar to accompany the cyclist.  The Securabike bicycle is both functional and lightweight making for a fantastic experience for hotel guests to sightsee or staff members to attend local meetings for example.

Securabike is one of the largest manufactures of bicycle parking including racks, lockers and shelters.  Now with our bicycle share program, our clients can further increase their  cycling infrastructure and encourage the use of bicycles while providing low cost and green transportation alternatives.  If you have any projects that you would like to discuss with Securabike then please do not hesitate to explore these options with your nearest office or Securabike distributor.

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