Coin Operated Bicycle Lockers

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The Australian Catholic University recently installed a number of bicycle lockers.  The main thing about these lockers from Securabike is that the key is coin operated.  Users of the bike locker will insert their bicycle before entering a gold coin into the slot.  This then allows the cyclist to remove a key to the locker.  Once the key is removed the door can be locked and the cyclist can then leave their bicycle knowing that it is secure.

On return to the locker to retrieve one's bicycle, the first order of business is to insert the key which is then captured back in the door.  The gold coin is also returned to the cyclist and they are able to retrieve their bicycle.  In effect the coin and key are interlinked so that you cannot retrieve your coin unless you have inserted the key again. 

This method of operation is a great way to cater for casual bicycle parking.  Additionally, regular commuters can use the system without issue so it has a broader user base than traditional bicycle locker systems where a key may be issued to one particular cyclist.  It has the advantage of potentially having greater usage per locker as a percentage of time which for many busy cycling sites like universities, is an advantage.  Additional electronic systems linked to pay systems are also an option and available at
Written by Richard Matthews

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